Unending Struggles

Thank God for last week. Out of my 3 struggles, 2 were resolved and 1 was in managable state.
However, something else arose that now i’ve additional 2 new struggles.
Very tired today…a very tiring one.
Had lunch and chat with James, Jasmine, and Vivi.
Continue the chatting after lunch with Ling Hong and Jacquiline.
It’s almost 4 pm, when still had to discuss and pray for the Children Church ministry.
We finished at 6 pm (i think) where i still have to go to NTUC.
From there, the household duties continue, like ironing, laundry, cooking, and finally housecleaning.
Sending few emails that i need to do, and haven’t replied many emails. Haven’t updated this online journal, as well as writing down all the things that happened on saturday as well as today…

Well…. still survive
Thank you God. You alone know the joy of this heart. And truly only You could grant such joy despite the tiredness of this body.
Let’s continue to talk abt things unfinished tomorrow…Good nite =p

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