Some Joys

Just watched on TV abt few stuntmen doing actions for charity..
They’re highly secured by the ropes and “saving bed” in case they fall down..
Similarly in life’s testing. Beside the knowledge that God will not test us beyond our ability, the show confirms that if the world so concern abt protecting their asset (using rope and saving bed) how much more God will concern abt His children.
Beyond doubt..beyond doubt….i think he provided savid bed also, that even if i fall, i’ll not “die”.

And tonight was a very rare chance when i spent few hours alone. It was good . I could thank God for my single state…hehehe….

Above all, what i read is true. That to practice Sabbath, requires faith. Faith that this world can run without us. That even the people that we love, could continue living without us. I guess it’s been a really great rest today, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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