Cross Culture

What an interesting heartlighter 

In Bahasa (Indonesian language), ayo means an encouragement for somebody to persevere on something till the end.

In Chinese, the same words means pain on the whole body. So when my colleague massage me this morning, i thought in Chinese : ayo ayo ayo ayo … hehehe … luckily he’s a Chinese, else if he’s an Indonesian, he’ll continue to inflict pain on my shoulders 

And also, in Thai, no 5 is spelled ha, so when they type 555555 means hahahahaha…. sounds of laughing

While in Chinese, no 5 is spelled u, so when they type 55555 means uuuuuu…. sounds of crying

Hehehe…..very funny….same words in different culture can means the opposite, better be careful when one cross culturing …. hmmmm *-)

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