My Mind Went Crazy

Earlier this week, someone mentioned to me, that things from outside are needed to trigger crazyness in one’s mind.

As this morning i walked to bus stop, thinking through the song i’ve been thinking through this week (Blessed Assurance by Fanny Crosby), i thought it’s really beautiful. Especially after i read how the song was used during one of the Wars.

Then i’s thinking to teach it to the children… The sight is so wonderful. Taught them the song ‘He is Lord’, kind of good summary for them of the gospel of Mark, and now studying 1 Peter, i think Blessed Assurance is also a good summary for the children.

After the lessons, if they can sing the song, and know what does it mean for them, i’ve done my job…

One can play the keyboard, one can sing very well, and maybe i do the some simple guitaring, vi can be the instructor or photographer…hehehe…then we have this one song to summarize a book of the Bible…At the end of the year, probably we’ll have 4-5 songs, good enough to lead a service …. 😀

And as i walked to the office, i’m thinking of the actions as well. Hahahaha … i don’t know…my mind seems went crazy at this point of time

Of course to make it come true is a hard work … But yah, if vi supported me, and God helps me and pleased with this arrangements … we could see something beautiful at the end

And the mind goes on. But the Word of the Lord stands forever

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