Conviction about use of tounge

I took a quiet time at the end of today, reflecting on what the Lord may want to say to me.
And this thing about the use of tongue came quite strongly.
Just rewinding the last one week, I could see several times I hurt people with my tongue. It’s was said word is sharper than sword, to some is true.

It reminds me why Jesus teach the importance of careful use of tongue. He highlights in his famous Sermon on the Mount, that harsh words is equivalent to murder. How much more serious could it get? At the heart of a loose tongue, is anger. And that’s why in Jesus’ words, he says…whoever is angry with his brother, is a murderer. Anger kills apparently. Angry birds just confirm it btw :).

And it makes sense why James tells the people to be quick to listen, but to be slow to speak, and slow to be come angry (James 1:19), because he says: “human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” (1:20)

This is one area which I should be working on. It is very easy to justify this. The society seems encourage loose tongue. People who speaks out loud usually are heard & get their things done earlier. And those who speak harshly are feared in most cases. Those who speak out their minds & hearts satisfy their soul and hearts…when they lash out, they feel peace…regardless how others might feel afterwards. Some others form habit to speak out whatever in their mind as a form of destressing themselves.

All the above reasons would justify the use of tongue for the sake of me. It put others thought, feeling, even interest secondary. And again I am reminded how Paul actually a good example. He refrained to use his tongue to scold harshly, in fact he pleaded to say God give him tounge to build up not to tear down.

In a spur of anger, building up my neighbor would be the last thing in my heart. The first instict would probably just to get out the anger & frustration. We easily call this lack of anger management…

I do see it’s as how serious we take our tongue business. It’s pleasing to the Lord that we should be careful in our words. And only speak words that build up others and not tearing down others.

Father in Heaven, I’m very sorry for my loose tongue which have hurt several people. I ask that you watch my mouth, guard my tongue & deliver me from saying harsh things. Let my words be seasoned with grace & truth, building others up. Speaking things which pleases You.

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