Turning Point

Solomon brought Pharaoh’s daughter up from the City of David to the palace he had built for her, for he said, “My wife must not live in the palace of David king of Israel, because the places the ark of the LORD has entered are holy.” ~ 2 Chr 8:11

This morning, as usual, I opened my bible…then I read. It’s 2 Chr 8 and I thought oh no…what’s good reading the things Solomon did. Isn’t it just historical achivements and records?

But the verse above caught my attention. Of all the things Solomon did and carefully thought, he considered his Egyptian wife can’t live in his father’s place. As result he built her a new majestic place. What’s going on here?

I got impression that this woman is probably Solomon’s greatest love. He mentioned her in his Song of Songs. That’s probably the highlight of his wisdom in composing love songs & book. He composed a book of love for this woman. That’s  unmatched wisdom & endeavor. And secondly, he built her a palace that took almost double the time for him to build God’s temple. That’s certainly unbelievable. Who’s on earth spent 13 years (if i’m not wrong) to build house for his wife…:)

On deeper note however, I sense this could be the turning point in his life. He knew that this woman can’t stay in David’s palace because holiness issue. However, he still try to find way to have it both (devotion to God & devotion this forbidden love). He tried to split between what’s holy and not-holy. He made distinction on what’s of God and what’s not God. We thought that’s normal & doable. But we know from history, his foreign wives is his downfall.

This point of time in Solomon’s life, when he made a distinction, when he made a room of compromise, wanting to keep something for himself, that he began to lose everything. This point of turning of the heart, from wholehearted for God to divide with love for other that cause his downfall. The love for foreign women just a statement that underneath the change of Solomon’s heart, unnoticed by him probably…

He judges & discerns rightly who God is, his holiness, and who’s the person he falls in love to…however as the Bible puts it, he didn’t follow God wholeheartedly as his father David was.

Such a crucial difference between wholehearted and half-hearted devotion. How to keep one’s heart wholehearted throughout lifetime? Lord, please help me, unless I fall short and make a turning point in my life.

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