I asked the Lord

This morning, two things I asked from the Lord
I asked,”Lord, give me the right fear of you.”
and He showed me how Job stood up against families, clans, etc …
I asked,”Lord, give me the heart to love you.”
and my wife woke up early morning, when my mind still in dream land, and both my eyes can’t even opened…there she vomitted and i had to change the bedsheet…

Yet i was not aware yet…..
And as I walked my way to office…
I saw this old man distributing flyers…
I knew I don’t need since i know what advertisement it’s
and I won’t buy it……
So i passed the old man…..

Then second thought occur to me….
He probably didn’t know….
To him is about finishing his job…..
And if i could help…is an act kindness to him…not the advertisement that i won’t buy…..
So I prayed,”Lord, give me heart of kindness…”

And I passed another thing, or another thought came to my mind…….
And I prayed,”Lord give me heart of wisdom and discernment…”

Thank you for today, for this life Lord.

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