What nature teaches me

I just share the free lesson that little yellow bird has to teach me…
It’s size is so small, from the window, it look like the size of my thumb.
Yet, i saw her building her nest.
She picked up the leaves & twig with her beak…then she flied to build the nest.
One day, two days, three, and four days, …the nest is getting ready.

The little yellow bird has taught me about shelter.
Importance of preparing for the shelter for the coming baby.
Come sunshine, come heavy rain, come strong wind…….the nest almost destroyed.
But the mother bird, with wisdom God has given her,
put the nest on kind bamboo branch…..so it withstand the strong wind and rain…
The height, the distance from the tip of the branch……all seem calculated perfectly…

One day i saw the nest down my half floor because of the rain.
The next day it’s up again.
Though the wind blow….it stay there…
And thank God, i witnessed how the little baby bird came out from the nest.

During the heavy rain, she look bit anxious….waiting for the mother to come. So she stay put in the nest. On the sunny day, she brought her head out the nest for us to see…:)
God has certainly make them wonderfully.
Even birds have their nest.
So we need to have shelter for our children too.

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