What is that to you?

Praise the LORD, all you nations; 
   extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, 
   and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.Praise the LORD. ~Psalm 117

I was so fixated with my wife hospital claim about 1 month ago. I said one hurtful sentence to her afterward….”this is expensive baby”. Yesterday I rushed to the hospital to settle it…probably hurt few other people also. And today i couldn’t focus my mind as there’re so many questions …and things which i don’t like; inefficiency.

But the thought came to me … questioning my behaviors and why did I behave that way? Thing came to home……what is that $600-$700 to you? That’s certainly a lot of money! But what is that?

I realized that I was at wrong. Just because i pay $700, doesn’t make this baby expensive. She’s far than expensive….she’s a life given by God. And that’s beyond what money can buy or value. What is that $700 for a life? Nothing!

Then my mind rushed to recent news about the Tsunami alert and very big earthquake near Aceh……..I remembered the thousands people and lives. What is that $700 that i thought a lot about it, and forgot to pray and intercede for these thousands and millions could be people? Nothing!

If one baby is so valuable…….how much more these thousands people? As last night we prayed for them, and I carry the burden in my heart…The Lord reminded me as He reminded Jonah…..how much more he cares for these numerous people. And if I want to follow Him, things that matters to him, must matter to me also.

The Psalm 117 rightly put in place. For only Praise to God that matters most at the end. His faithfulness and love endures regardless of anything. And that all praise belongs to Him.

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