God my Father

Last night, I went home bit later than usual. Part of it because there was rain, we were talking and discussing for the event of the day, and it took very long for the bus to come.

Surprising though, at the next stop, an old friend with his family board the bus. He asked me where’s my wife? Then I told him that my wife is expecting. Then began our conversation…..

Through the short bus journey, he shared to me about being a father means / takes….And there’s thing that i was not aware. Out of his concern and care, he told me that he would like to share more next week…..

After he left, I simply thank the Lord for the incident. I’ve often miss my dad at times like this. There’re times when I feel that i’m at disadvantage because i’ve no father who could tell me and guide me. I’ve no father who show me or I could ask and learn from. And often I wonder why the Lord took my father when i still need him…..

But yesterday, i thank the Lord that He knows, and He fulfilled his promise……that He provides the fatherly part sharing that i need. Only He knows…..and He did it in an amazing way…….I just couldnt imagine or thought would be this way………..And certainly God has never failed me as Father.

Something which i will teach my girl, that Lord is more than enough. Whatever things in this world we lack / don’t have………the Lord is more than sufficient. And he never fails us.

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