Righteousness of God

In my journey of knowing God, I was led to meditate on book Deuteronomy. One book which Jesus quoted few times, and one believed it’s the book Jesus loved most…:) I’ve benefited a lot through reading and meditating of it. For some reasons, this year it seems like a new light has dawned. Help me to see things I’ve never seen before. There’s certainly theme about Remembering & Covenant. Afterall, it’s a call to Remember God and what He has done. Not to forget the past when they are about to enter the Promise Land. And certainly with Remembering God and obeying His commands, come the blessings & curses (which I see more as consequences, but to others as theme of the book).

The theme which I been meditating is the holiness & righteousness of God. It comes in the new light as I understand or see before. Probably as my relationship with him grow better, I see things differently now.

As I read verse after verse, the law and rules He set….I grow in awe & fond of him. It just purely righteous and beyond the standard of this world that i’ve ever known or heard. No wonder that God says,"when the other nations see, they will in awe, how righteous these people."
Certainly that degree of righteousness / innocence doesn’t spring from the heart & mind of sinful people.
I know myself too well, that left on my own, I won’t be able to conceive such law & care for life.

So as I read the details of God’s righteous law (flowing from his righteous character)……..holiness & righteousness is no longer a scary disposition to me. It’s rather feel light & joyful…if not jubilant. It’s so good that rather than chaste me away, actually drawing me nearer. I just want to stay close to this holy God, and linger little longer in His presence. I think that’s probably God’s intention. That though his holiness will not tolerate any evil or sins……..yet for his children…….they’re meant to attract & provides safe enclosure.

So yah…as the other day, my colleague brought up……how in US the law been so perverted, that even if a robber come to rob your house, but if he/she fall / injured in your home, you could be sued. It sounds very ridiculous, isn’t it? But interestingly, in the book of Deuteronomy, you’re supposed to build house in such a safe manner. And if any your neighbour been injured because your negligence in built of the house, God will demand answer from you…..:)
To me, that’s the degree of God’s holiness…….even at building a house, to care & love for neighbour. Who’s thought about it nowdays??

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