Better to be Poor than a Liar

This afternoon, as I read on Proverbs 19, the following things surface:

How does it feel to be poor:
but even the closest friend of the poor person deserts them.(v.4b)
The poor are shunned by all their relatives
how much more do their friends avoid them!
Though the poor pursue them with pleading,
they are nowhere to be found.(v.7)

In contrast with what does it like to be rich:
Wealth attracts many friends, (v.4a)
Many curry favor with a ruler,
and everyone is the friend of one who gives gifts.(v.6)

Still, the word of God is very clear:
Better to be poor than a liar ~ Proverbs 19:22b

Apparently in this chapter, God is stating his character / pleasure towards integrity that it’s better to be poor yet with integrity than become rich through dishonesty. Dishonest gain is detestable to the Lord. It’s repeated 2 times.
A false witness will not go unpunished,
and whoever pours out lies will not go free. (v.5&9)

Honestly, it’s very high standard. A person in poverty will tend to tell lies, just to live. I’ve met few who sadly telling lies just to get some money to buy food. It takes very high view of who’s God and who we are to follow this rule. A person who believes strongly God values him/her even in state of poverty, and will not resolve in telling lies.

Yesterday had discussion about marketing issue. I guess through this Proverb, it’s clear that any dishonest marketing is wrong. The end of getting much profit through dishonesty just doesn’t go with God’s character. He’ll prefer an honest marketer who’s probably doesn’t give a lot of sales.

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