Spring Joy

There was heavy rain this afternoon. And couldn’t find something nice to eat…somehow i just walk, and thought to enjoy the long queue for a very nice lunch. It works effectively..:) After the lunch, the rain stopped, and weather is cooling, so i walked to the cathedral. I thank God that my workplace next to a cathedral 🙂 I passed through the green patches, and saw beautiful wet grass after the rain. I always like the green after rain color.

Without any agenda or anything specific, just inviting the Lord to speak anything to me. The first thing came to my mind is about forgiveness. I thought i’ve learnt a lot for the last few years. Knowing myself better and my mistakes….also what mistakes others made to me.

Once i stand before God, forgiving doesn’t seem difficult…I thought on the face of eternity…what wrong others did…just so small. People can cause me suffer…but most pain and injury just last for a lifetime. Compare that to injury and wrongs i caused to God…they’re eternal…for He is eternal, and i’m eternal too. Thanks be to Lord Jesus that paid all my sins…else there’s no real forgiveness.

I guess that’s what lifted up my spirit. To know no matter how big mistakes or injuries others might cause to me, in the light of eternity…..they’re nothing. I might suffer in this lifetime, but when i’m in eternity….it’ll be just pure joy there. All the past will be forgotten.

And the next thing the Lord brought to me is about this worrisome spirit here in sg. While i was eating my lunch, i hardly find someone whose face shown some happiness. Except the two men sitting next to me. They’re not wearing nice clothes or “looks” good. But the casualness and easy-goingness, enjoying their meals stirred me. I remember my wife and i thot how much have i become like majority sgan..So i joined them in eating my lunch heartily…:)

So that incident brought me to God’s love promise. He knows everything. He knows my needs…even before I knew, or even before everything…he knows. And it’s He who wants us to be care-free, and enjoy life in thanksgiving. I don’t think there’s worry in the life and face of Lord Jesus when he’s walking on earth 2000 years ago. With today’s spirit of humanity … we plan and make sure things don’t fall out with our own strength, hence lost the joy of enjoying God’s hands and providence.

Again i recall what my wife’s fave verse could be: “eat and be merryr, for you don’t know what will happen tomorrow”. How true those words..:) Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Whether this bowl of noodle we’re eating will be our last dish here on earth. Better to enjoy it to the fullest!

So it’s just the pure joy that can’t be explained spring there in my heart. I thought if the world need to witness a child of God, i want to show it. There’s spring of joy within sons & daughters of God, for they know God is with them. There’s no reason to worry about basic necessities….or anything else.

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