True Blessedness

It’s nothing much. It’s just something came into my mind.
Started last night, when i asked my wife to help me improve myself. The common logic is that as you improve, hopefully you can earn more as people will value you better. And my wife told me that i don’t need the thing. I just need to be more christlike. That’s a correct answer, but i said that i still need to improve. There are things to be improved. Again my wife told me the same thing.
And my “not yet born” daughter agreed with her too.

She kicked from inside the womb, as sign of agreement, two times after each my wife’s comments. We know that’s what the kick means because we tried with two other statements..:)

So this evening as I was walking home, i thought what we discussed, what a good friend told me, and how things evolve in my life started to make sense.
What best gift parents can give their children? It’s not toys or food, or even good education. Those doesn’t trully bless a person, though they’re good. They are not the best. Because they’re limited, temporary, and the value decreased by time.

As i recall Deuteronomy, the Lord sets before Israel, one condition on which they can live a blessed life. That’s to fear God, to love Him, and obey His commandments. It’s all in one package. And the blessings and LIFE would be theirs. Otherwise, they can’t enjoy life.
And as I recall God’s commandments that He gave His people, together with Jesus’ teachings which considered you put yourself in trouble if you let others to step on you ……. actually, those who obey them, are truly set aside from this world. Only those who’re truly secure, rich, strong … can do all those things, not the other way.

As Jim Elliot famous quote, “He is no fool who give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” I think “He is truly rich who makes others rich.” While the world sees a loser, but God sees a victor. That’s what it’s all about.

True blessedness isn’t found in riches, good health, or even great relationship. All those things will fail one day. In fact, it’s rather the opposite as Jesus famous sermon pointed out. Blessed are the poor, hunger, thirsty, meek, peacemaker, being persecuted, and so on.
They just echo that true blessedness lies in life under God. Whatever the circumtances, the value of blessedness isn’t diminished or reduced 🙂 That’s True Blessedness.
I’m blessed though I’m poor because I lend and not asking for interest, I’m blessed though I’m hungry because I share my food with my neighbor, I’m blessed though I’m bullied because others are insecure / jealous, I’m blessed despite anything….because the Lord is with me, and He lives in me 🙂

It’s something which i want to pass to my daughter. She doesn’t have to follow the way this world. She doesn’t have to have all the goods this world offer. She doesn’t have to have big and successful daddy, in fact no matter good a earthly father, one day he’ll gone. She just need to fear God, love Him, and enjoy all His promises as they’re given to those who believe.

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