Is Money Everything?

This common phrase: “Money is not everything, but everything needs money.” I don’t know who created it, but it seems to be quoted and lived out by many people. I probably one of them without I realized it…:)

Last night as someone told me this, of course i didn’t have immediate answer. But as i think about it further, i don’t think it’s right. At least for two reasons:
1. Not everything need money. This is good news! In fact, many things do NOT need money. I was reminded that the BEST things in life are FREE. It doesn’t need money for me to smile, to share empty space & give up seat to someone in need. It does not need money to see at the sunset, listen to the birds, taste the pure rain water, dance on large green field, shout out your lung from a mountain top, and the list go on….:)
It does not take money to bless your children, to bless your spouse, and to bless your parents. It does not take money to speak kind words to your bosses or your workers. It DOES NOT TAKE MONEY to talk to God!!

2. The sad reality about the world today shows that though people says money is not everything, but their lives say differently. From bossess who set dollars & cents as bottomline and measurement of employee performance, to society that fails to give credit to homemaker because they do not generate money…these all display that money is everything. When sole decision is money factor, isn’t the same with saying money is everything? For if money is not an issue, decision would be different…

What is money then? Is money everything or it is not?

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