Simple Joy

This morning, i saw a packet on my desk. And there’s writing on the envelope, addressed to me….but the sender name sounds like a puzzle to me. I can’t figure it out. So i asked my friend, and he told me it’s from J. Well, i thought it’s a work related, but i still couldn’t figure out anyone to give me something.

Then i opened the envelope, to be more puzzled as it’s a parenting book. I thought who’s this person whom i didn’t know and give me this book..:)

Finally, J came and told me the story…
Last Sat, there’s 1-1 book exchange from by National Library. She exchanged a lot of books, and then saw this book and thought to give it to me as a gift…:)

I cannot thank God enough for such wonderful arrangement. On Fri, i brought a lot of books to Library to get 1-1 exchange. Yet they rejected most my books, and accepted only 1 book. So on Sat morning, i thought just give the book away. The cost for me to go there and queue for just 1 book is just too much. Never i realized, God arranged J to do 1-1 book exchange and found this wonderful book…:)

So here I am, holding the precious book….furthermore, J admitted to me how she loved book. And so the 1-1 exchange in giving out her book for this book for me, is a wonderful gift.

Thank you Lord 🙂

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