Two Dangers

Tonight, just attended a talk that discuss the dangers in “ministry”. As i missed the first session, i came to pick up, the first danger mentioned was “familiarity”. Familiarity breeds contempt, was said. And most the time, it’s true… we become more familiar with things,  we lost the sense of wonder and awe that is there from the beginning.

Simple example would be married life. After many years of marriage, everything become so familiar, and they lost the spark, and finally decided to end it. That’s the danger of familiarity.

The second one which i thought on my way home, was the opposite of familiarity. It’s the “unexpectedness.” It came to me by coincidence, as i was waiting for bus in dark place. As the bus didn’t come, a few friends passed by that place. But because it’s dark, late at night, and they must have not expected that I was standing there at that point of time….they missed me.

To me, this is the opposite of familiarity. For then we’ll settle for what we know. And never we thought or realize that there’re more. Human and relationship grows, and probably it takes life time to find out all about a person. Similarly our relationship with God. There’re just more of Him we have never known. If we limit ourselves, we might miss the chance to discover Him in ways we don’t expect…

Does God do these kind things? Does God like these kind things? Does God create all these things? …. It reminds me of William Carey famous saying, “expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” I think he understood the two dangers very well.

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