My First Fruit

This morning, i got the first experience of tasting the first fruit. My mother in law came yesterday, and this morning, she already cooked the temulawak that we harvested last evening. The cup that i thought was her morning tea, was actually the first temulawak drink she specially prepared for me.

How can i describe the feeling of tasting it? The feeling of honor, special, enjoyment, satisfaction…..I”m not sure if that’s the same feeling God was looking in the Old Testament. But if it’s true, then i can understand what offering First Fruit to the Lord means.

It means to set apart the best for God, as the One whom honor and respect due. Somehow intinctively i got that sense that this first draw is the best above all. I give thanks to the Lord for this morning experience. I really thank God for all the hard work of gardening, this morning i taste the first fruit. It taste very good.

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One Response to My First Fruit

  1. VD says:

    happy that you are happy, but I missed the first fruit 😛

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