Sharing for mothers on raising up boys

“My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” ~ Prv 6:20

Preparing for tomorrow’s class. Chosen a topic of mothering boys. At least i can say something from boys perspective.

Few things i would say, most the things are common general knowledge:
1. Role Modelling
– to be mindful how our actions and words coherent. Children will learn very fast if we don’t do what we say. At it’s very hurtful for a child.

2. Teaching moral values, particularly on sexual immorality
– Boy learn from mother on few things:
– whether things appropriate / not, value of beauty, judgment on woman…
somehow a boy will learn to treat and value a woman from his mother

3. Spending quality & quantity of time.
– If can’t spend a lot of time, at least make short time good quality. One the thing can be done, is to pray.

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