Short prayer in sickness

Was feeling unwell this evening. So left at home to rest while my wife went out to buy dinner. A short prayer to my God:

Lord, i want to love you
for the sake of loving you
i want to know you
for the sake of knowing you
Not for other things
Not to gain favor from men
Nor to make myself more popular

I don't want to make excuses
That we can't understand you love
That we can't comprehend your grace
I believe it can get better
I know your love better
I know you better
Just for the sake of love you and to know you
Just that 
That i could tell my daughter
That i could tell her, love of God
Thank you for your love
I don't deserve as really you don't seek anything from me
Nothing out of me ...
That's liberating...coz it doesnt depend on me
It's humbling coz there's nothing i can do or offer
Receipient of your love
I want to know more
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