Yellow Bird Reminder

I am really amazed. I don’t think it’s by coincidence. It’s been over 3 years I have worked here. Yet i’ve not observed any of the followings. However, this last 6 months, this happened…

The first incident of the yellow bird who built nest very close to our window. So everyone passed by will stop and look at the little baby bird inside the nest. It’s my first time seeing such little cute baby bird.

One day it’s gone. The nest completely disappeared. We all thought it must have fallen due to the rain / strong wind. Hence we’ll very sad with it.

Not long ago, i discovered another nest. Apparently the yellow bird built a new nest. This time seem better than previous. And i enjoyed watching it. Somehow everything went good. I believed that one day i didn’t see the nest again, the baby bird must have graduated and the nest no longer needed. It’s such wonderful beauty to see how the mother feeding the baby inside the nest. At one time i thought i saw there’re 3 baby bird inside the nest.

Lo and behold, just about 3 days ago, this time………i saw the third nest. My office building is on octagonal shape. So there’re 4 sides where there’re this bamboo tree. The first two nest was built on the two different sides. And so this third nest on yet another side. And this probably the best (in terms of the nest, and view of the baby bird). For now i could see clearly the yellow baby bird inside. So adorable..:)

I don’t know what all these mean. For half a year i’ve seen 3 nest filled with baby bird…It couldn’t be just coincidence isn’t it? After more than 3 years working here, it’s first time happening. And the three nest was built on three different sites. By this time, the rest no longer interested with seeing birds & nests. But it’s somehow special to me.

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