Calling in work

For a reason, this morning devotion had lifting effect on me.
The sense of God’s calling indeed is a powerful theology.
I still remember the illustration given. Looking at the land of Israel, one would wonder, how these people develop a fertile land in the dessert.
Suggested answer is because the sense of calling embedded in them. Hence they work to make it possible.

With the same drives, today i approach my work as God’s calling. And surprisingly, today’s work result in something which i never imagined before. I think it’s like a breakthrough.

Afternoon meeting with group of friends were turned into fruitful discussion also. And short meal sincere prayer, God answered that. Somehow, I could sense God is at work, through all the small mundane things called as work!

So, i thank God for redeeming work. For giving grace in the dry land of work. That with faith, i could see spring of water.

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