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Housing updates

Tonight, we’re excited to find the awaited mail regarding our housing schedule. Both of us were praying and still praying again before opening the letter. It’s very thick, and i knew it’s about the time our schedule. After we prayed, … Continue reading

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Yellow Bird Reminder

I am really amazed. I don’t think it’s by coincidence. It’s been over 3 years I have worked here. Yet i’ve not observed any of the followings. However, this last 6 months, this happened… The first incident of the yellow … Continue reading

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It’s a small place

I came back from lunch. As i took the lift up, i saw the guy in front of me seems bit familiar. His long hair, and spectacle..only the shirt look different as i tried to recall my memory.I roughly remember … Continue reading

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Thought of the day

Yesterday, we look at one location, and it brought not small sadness to our hearts. The price is so expensive……and i felt quite miserable within. There seems so many things, and i felt at lost on how to handle them. … Continue reading

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