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It’s a small place

I came back from lunch. As i took the lift up, i saw the guy in front of me seems bit familiar. His long hair, and spectacle..only the shirt look different as i tried to recall my memory.I roughly remember … Continue reading

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FP Water Polo and XBOX Surprise

Prayed for a fun Sunday, and what an answer … FP (Flynn Park is the name of my residence, there are 7 of us staying together) for first time played water polo… Since most of us short-sighted…hehe i guessed is really … Continue reading

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Cross Culture

What an interesting heartlighter  In Bahasa (Indonesian language), ayo means an encouragement for somebody to persevere on something till the end. In Chinese, the same words means pain on the whole body. So when my colleague massage me this morning, i thought in … Continue reading

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Careless and Forgetful

Just sent a sms to wrong person….*kwak* a message abt somebody, which i don’t want the person to know, yet i sent the message to the person………….*gdubrak* i don’t want to be another beckham….

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Jesus Tissue

Came to office and nobody.. Look at my desk and mistakenly read Tissue as Jesus… Hahaha…i guess i must be mad abt Jesus..

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