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Nice Game

Played Dynasty Warrior 5 yesterday with arip….hehehehe…cool The last act, we repeated 4 times before winning And i kill 500 + people … But yah … actually it’s not a good idea, when i played and couldn’t stop. So today … Continue reading

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FP Water Polo and XBOX Surprise

Prayed for a fun Sunday, and what an answer … FP (Flynn Park is the name of my residence, there are 7 of us staying together) for first time played water polo… Since most of us short-sighted…hehe i guessed is really … Continue reading

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Fix Processes Eat up Creativity

last nite, at house prayer fellowship which we have once a month, i realised that working life has taken much creativity from my brain..  Is it age that makes me less creative? I think is the mundane work, sitting in … Continue reading

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Some Joys

Just watched on TV abt few stuntmen doing actions for charity.. They’re highly secured by the ropes and “saving bed” in case they fall down.. Similarly in life’s testing. Beside the knowledge that God will not test us beyond our … Continue reading

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