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Sharing for mothers on raising up boys

“My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” ~ Prv 6:20 Preparing for tomorrow’s class. Chosen a topic of mothering boys. At least i can say something from boys perspective. Few things i would say, most the … Continue reading

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Two Dangers

Tonight, just attended a talk that discuss the dangers in “ministry”. As i missed the first session, i came to pick up, the first danger mentioned was “familiarity”. Familiarity breeds contempt, was said. And most the time, it’s true… we … Continue reading

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Is Money Everything?

This common phrase: “Money is not everything, but everything needs money.” I don’t know who created it, but it seems to be quoted and lived out by many people. I probably one of them without I realized it…:) Last night … Continue reading

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What nature teaches me

I just share the free lesson that little yellow bird has to teach me… It’s size is so small, from the window, it look like the size of my thumb. Yet, i saw her building her nest. She picked up … Continue reading

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Fix Processes Eat up Creativity

last nite, at house prayer fellowship which we have once a month, i realised that working life has taken much creativity from my brain..  Is it age that makes me less creative? I think is the mundane work, sitting in … Continue reading

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On call

Was late for office this morning, so had to take taxi. Saw many taxis but they’re on call  And i thought they’re faithful to their calling. I said this because they won’t stop for anything, except their destination. Was thinking abt … Continue reading

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