Yellow Bird Reminder

I am really amazed. I don’t think it’s by coincidence. It’s been over 3 years I have worked here. Yet i’ve not observed any of the followings. However, this last 6 months, this happened…

The first incident of the yellow bird who built nest very close to our window. So everyone passed by will stop and look at the little baby bird inside the nest. It’s my first time seeing such little cute baby bird.

One day it’s gone. The nest completely disappeared. We all thought it must have fallen due to the rain / strong wind. Hence we’ll very sad with it.

Not long ago, i discovered another nest. Apparently the yellow bird built a new nest. This time seem better than previous. And i enjoyed watching it. Somehow everything went good. I believed that one day i didn’t see the nest again, the baby bird must have graduated and the nest no longer needed. It’s such wonderful beauty to see how the mother feeding the baby inside the nest. At one time i thought i saw there’re 3 baby bird inside the nest.

Lo and behold, just about 3 days ago, this time………i saw the third nest. My office building is on octagonal shape. So there’re 4 sides where there’re this bamboo tree. The first two nest was built on the two different sides. And so this third nest on yet another side. And this probably the best (in terms of the nest, and view of the baby bird). For now i could see clearly the yellow baby bird inside. So adorable..:)

I don’t know what all these mean. For half a year i’ve seen 3 nest filled with baby bird…It couldn’t be just coincidence isn’t it? After more than 3 years working here, it’s first time happening. And the three nest was built on three different sites. By this time, the rest no longer interested with seeing birds & nests. But it’s somehow special to me.

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Prayer for work

“Bless all his skills, Lord, and be pleased with the work of his hands.” ~ Deu 33:11a

The prayer of Moses, which i’ve never heard before. But i thought this morning i pray the same. Sometimes i don’t know what the day await for me. And as i deal mostly with computers, …

Lest i forget human beings and relating to another person..
Still Lord, be pleased with my works (though i don’t understand how)

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Short prayer in sickness

Was feeling unwell this evening. So left at home to rest while my wife went out to buy dinner. A short prayer to my God:

Lord, i want to love you
for the sake of loving you
i want to know you
for the sake of knowing you
Not for other things
Not to gain favor from men
Nor to make myself more popular

I don't want to make excuses
That we can't understand you love
That we can't comprehend your grace
I believe it can get better
I know your love better
I know you better
Just for the sake of love you and to know you
Just that 
That i could tell my daughter
That i could tell her, love of God
Thank you for your love
I don't deserve as really you don't seek anything from me
Nothing out of me ...
That's liberating...coz it doesnt depend on me
It's humbling coz there's nothing i can do or offer
Receipient of your love
I want to know more
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Sharing for mothers on raising up boys

“My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” ~ Prv 6:20

Preparing for tomorrow’s class. Chosen a topic of mothering boys. At least i can say something from boys perspective.

Few things i would say, most the things are common general knowledge:
1. Role Modelling
– to be mindful how our actions and words coherent. Children will learn very fast if we don’t do what we say. At it’s very hurtful for a child.

2. Teaching moral values, particularly on sexual immorality
– Boy learn from mother on few things:
– whether things appropriate / not, value of beauty, judgment on woman…
somehow a boy will learn to treat and value a woman from his mother

3. Spending quality & quantity of time.
– If can’t spend a lot of time, at least make short time good quality. One the thing can be done, is to pray.

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My First Fruit

This morning, i got the first experience of tasting the first fruit. My mother in law came yesterday, and this morning, she already cooked the temulawak that we harvested last evening. The cup that i thought was her morning tea, was actually the first temulawak drink she specially prepared for me.

How can i describe the feeling of tasting it? The feeling of honor, special, enjoyment, satisfaction…..I”m not sure if that’s the same feeling God was looking in the Old Testament. But if it’s true, then i can understand what offering First Fruit to the Lord means.

It means to set apart the best for God, as the One whom honor and respect due. Somehow intinctively i got that sense that this first draw is the best above all. I give thanks to the Lord for this morning experience. I really thank God for all the hard work of gardening, this morning i taste the first fruit. It taste very good.

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Word of the week – 5

Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him,  for he shields him all day long,
and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders. ~Deu 33:12

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Two Dangers

Tonight, just attended a talk that discuss the dangers in “ministry”. As i missed the first session, i came to pick up, the first danger mentioned was “familiarity”. Familiarity breeds contempt, was said. And most the time, it’s true… we become more familiar with things,  we lost the sense of wonder and awe that is there from the beginning.

Simple example would be married life. After many years of marriage, everything become so familiar, and they lost the spark, and finally decided to end it. That’s the danger of familiarity.

The second one which i thought on my way home, was the opposite of familiarity. It’s the “unexpectedness.” It came to me by coincidence, as i was waiting for bus in dark place. As the bus didn’t come, a few friends passed by that place. But because it’s dark, late at night, and they must have not expected that I was standing there at that point of time….they missed me.

To me, this is the opposite of familiarity. For then we’ll settle for what we know. And never we thought or realize that there’re more. Human and relationship grows, and probably it takes life time to find out all about a person. Similarly our relationship with God. There’re just more of Him we have never known. If we limit ourselves, we might miss the chance to discover Him in ways we don’t expect…

Does God do these kind things? Does God like these kind things? Does God create all these things? …. It reminds me of William Carey famous saying, “expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” I think he understood the two dangers very well.

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